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in wanaka, queenstown & central otago

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"I must have flowers,

                 always and always..."

Claude Monet

Our Flowers

Why faux flowers? 


In a world where sustainability is becoming a MUST rather than a 'nice to be', we feel that beautiful, authentic-looking faux flowers are a great way to limit the use of the sprays and pesticides required to fill the demand for fresh flowers.


They're also making a come-back as far as being en vogue is concerned. They look fabulous, far from those plastic Gerberas we had in the 90’s, thank heaven!

We would LOVE to create a forever-beautiful work of floral art that will become a constant source of admiration and amazement for your home or office, delivered to you for a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.  No further attention required! Plus, no allergies!

Just total and utter enjoyment and beauty...forever.

Faux Flowers Wanaka

 Steph & Michelle

The Flower Merchant founders with Faux flowers
The Flower Merchant Logo

We met on the playground - not ours, our children's! We'd both recently moved to Wanaka, New Zealand - Steph from Christchurch and Michelle from Hong Kong - and our kids are around the same age and we just hit it off straight away.

With our respective moves to Wanaka came the building of our new homes.  We both wanted our homes to reflect our unique styles and individual characters, while adding splashes of our favourite colours. So together we sourced some gorgeous faux flowers from the UK. These received endless compliments and comments like, "No! They're not real?!", - lightbulb! Here was a niche we could fill, an opportunity to run a business together...The Flower Merchant was born. 


To complement the selection of flowers available in NZ, we decided to travel overseas to source an even greater selection. What a great trip that was – a combination of two great loves – shopping and flowers!


Backed by a huge amount of fervent passion and Michelle's attendance at the internationally renowned Jane Packer Flower School in London, we know we have what it takes to bring forever beautiful forever flowers to New Zealand.  

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