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Let us deliver a forever-beautiful arrangement you can enjoy for a two-week trial period. 

Let us know the size and number of arrangements to suit your requirements.

Let us know if you wish to have a stunning new arrangement delivered fortnightly or monthly.

why choose to lease Forever flowers?

​Flowers and floral arrangements have been used for centuries to brighten a room, to celebrate, to enhance and cheer, and to bring the outside in. Our stunning forever flowers are no exception. Ridiculously real, they have all the benefits of beautiful flowers without any of the negatives. Here are some reasons why you'll LOVE leasing our divine forever flowers:

  • They are totally maintenance free - no mess, no smelly water, no work!

  • Our forever flowers are completely allergy-free...although some of our client's customers have complained they were getting hay fever from our flowers!  Fair enough - they do look extremely REAL!

  • They are far more cost-effective and are a wonderfully affordable alternative to fresh flowers.

  • All you need to do is order a regular fortnightly or monthly change to get a ‘fresh’ or seasonal look.

  • All arrangements will be delivered in one of our signature matt black vases -we have fabulous selection of shapes and styles.

Make sure you order a free trial today! Simply contact us and we will arrange a trial to show you just how easy and effective our forever flowers are at your home, office, lodge, or event.

Monthly Lease Price

Sm -$45

Lg - $70

XLg -$120


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